Application for New Passport Notice:We urge all the hand-written passport holders to obtain a new passport. The old passport will not be valid for travelling from November 2017.

Requirements for a Passport Extension:


  1. Physical Appearance of the applicant
  2. completed passport extension application form
  3. Two passport-size photos (full name must be written on the back and attached with cellophane tape.)
  4. Original passport.
  5. Copies of passport pages (personal details page &validity page)
  6. Passport renewal fee
    • For 1 year: $21
  7. 20 US dollar per year for the expired passport will be added to extension fee

All late extensions incur a late penalty fee of $5.00 for each 3 months since the expiration date

The documents, applications and forms below require Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Application Forms for Passport and Passport Extension:

Passport Extension Application Form.pdf

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